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Summary for English speakers

Perfect Hospitality Consulting is an expert consulting company that provides advice, coaching, mentoring and lectures in the field of accommodation, gastronomy and tourism in general. The main goal of our activities is to increase the level of quality in tourism services in the Czech Republic. 

We respect the individuality of each client. A team made to measure for our client’s needs is put together in order to maximise positive outcomes of our intervention. 

Employees development is our top priority. We use techniques of coaching, mentoring, age management and we create competency models. We put emphasis on the quality of our own courses that help us share the most valuable experience we have with others. 


Why to choose Perfect Hospitality Consulting as your adviser, mentor or lecturer? 

  1. We offer the widest portfolio of services on the Czech market. 
    • We will teach you how to proactively sell your services. 
    • We will advise you on how to get the best out of your employees (motivate, train and evaluate them). 
    • We will train your receptionists and reservation agents to communicate with your (potential) clients properly and to do their job in professional manner. 
    • We will teach you revenue management techniques (including upselling, cross-selling, budgeting, forecasting etc.) 
    • We will show you how to manage wellness and SPA. 
    • We will teach you management of culinary operations (gastronomy, F&B – food and beverage) 
  2. Our recommendations and courses do not rely on a concrete software or a supplier. We offer general-purpose knowledge, so our clients can set their own criteria for software that meets their needs.  
  3. We lead our clients towards independence as quickly as possible. Our goal is to teach them everything they need to manage all processes themselves as soon as possible (with our supervision or audit if needed). 
  4. According to our Code of Ethics, we do not work for direct competitors at the same time. 
  5. Our goal is to make your current team more effective. 



CONSULTING – We offer consultations made to measure our clients’ needs (operations and employees). We will show you new point of view and we will point out neglected issues. We will advise you on how to become better. 

REVENUE MANAGEMENT – We will help you understand principles and tools of revenue management. You will learn how to use precise segmentation and categorisation of customers to optimize prices, you will be able to set and standardize your own price structure and policy. 

INTERIM MANAGEMENT-SHADOWING-MENTORING – We will get you out of a crisis without disturbing your structure. Interim management is a temporary help to fill critical staffing gaps which supplies managerial competencies and experiences. Interim manager usually becomes a part of the team and takes the responsibilities of the position. We prefer combination of interim management with shadowing, mentoring and coaching. We do not overtake the position of your manager. We teach him/her in real time on everyday situations how to solve problems and make decisions. Our goal is to teach your employees exactly what they need to become independent and excellent in their positions. 

SALES & MARKETING – Sales activities are key to every hotel (and other businesses). We will advise you on how to correctly choose and implement the newest business and marketing knowledge and trends that will help you grow. 

EMPLOYEES’ DEVELOPMENT – Tourism is a challenging industry due to its dependence on human resources. From managers, via general employees to clients. Human factor is key for services and we will help you eliminate its imperfections. 

CONTROLLING – Correct setting of your systems and processes must be controlled and tested. We offer interim and regular reports including mystery shopping and audit of operations. 



We offer open courses (spring and autumn) or we can arrange courses for your own needs. 

We offer courses of the following scope: 

  • Introduction to hospitality 
  • Flexible price policy 
  • Revenue Management  
  • Budgeting and forecasting  
  • E-commerce and reputation management  
  • Sales 
  • Reservations  
  • Marketing  
  • Reception and Up-selling/Cross-selling  
  • Effective argumentation  
  • Hotel management – communication, management, motivation   
  • Management of hotel operations 
  • Maximisation of revenue in F&B  
  • Food & Beverage  
  • Housekeeping  
  • Spa and Wellness  
  • Anomalous situations – crisis management 
  • Feng-shui 
  • Teambuilding  

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question. We will be happy to discuss if we are the right choice for your business. 


+420 602 548 276 

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